Treasure Hunting PDX

Chris Hernandez has always had a knack for fashion. From winning best dressed in the fifth grade, to starting up a small clothing company Less Fortunate Club and now running the thrifting resell page on Instagram @treasurehuntingpdx. At 23, Chris has a great outlook on life, he just wants to skate and grow his small business and maybe open a storefront one day. His resell brand Treasure Hunting PDX has gained popularity by Chris’ eye for spotting treasures in the bins of Goodwill and around town at Portland’s famed thrift stores. His advantage partially comes from living in the backyard of Nike and Adidas, from which vintage gear from these massive brands is in abundance and highly sought after. From reselling clothes through the internet to doing pop-ups around the Portland area and even creating some custom merch for his page, Chris has developed a decent sized following in just one year and has shipped out clothes to followers all over the world. 

Not only does he kill it in the thrift game but he also rips on a board. Great style, perfect heelflips, and an even better attitude. When Chris finds time away from his side hustle and two other jobs the locals at Ed Benedict skatepark all get psyched when he pulls up. Always shredding and pushing his friends to learn new tricks and giving props where they’re due. You’ll never catch him “cool guy-ing” anyone. His happy-go-lucky persona drives his business and his skateboarding and paves the way for this bright entrepreneur’s successful future.