Third Anniversary Zine Release Recap

Words and photos by Nick Shields

On July 30th, 2022 we joined forces with Caffeine and Green coffee roasting to celebrate our third anniversary and the release of our first physical zine! Exactly three years to the day we launched and it lined up perfectly with a Saturday to make sure all the homies could come through! We had a bunch of new merch like shirts and hats and some exclusive one-off garments printed onto vintage thrifted sweaters and tees that were a big hit! The zine features film photos chronicling the making of our first full-length skate video Street Massage that we premiered at the beginning of the year. This is our first foray into designing print media and we are excited to produce more this year. Thank you to everyone who came out and showed support by buying a hat, a shirt, a zine, or even a coffee, it was a day full of smiles and hugs! We do this strictly for the love and everything we make is D.I.Y. style with a little help from our friends. Cheers to three years, and many more to come!

Really proud of our table setup and spread!
Had some racks of one-offs for those who prefer some rare threads.
This vest goes hard!
The spread!
Cano held it down inside serving delicious coffee drinks all day!
Gabeksa and Hanniska were some of the first to show!
The best peeps!
Gabe secured the bag!
Thanks for coming out!
Hans Perez made it out!
Hans played a big part in helping me get everything printed, thanks dude!
The Prince of Prints himself!
Jose and Bailey held it down with us for awhile! Thanks dude!
Ray Ray! Fun fact he’s got his own C & G drink named after him!
Bry brought breakfast.
Abi and Tara hungout almost all day, love you fools!
Bryan and Tristan always big supporters!
Bryan had one of the first interviews on the site, it went live when we launched the mag three years ago!
Sav took a break from serving up coffee to cop some goods.
Sean Carlo Ohlin of Fuzz coffee and his homie Jake made it out for a mag.
Kevin and Devin, much love and congrats on the engagement!
Camron had his eye on that vest for weeks!
Alex and Tony bringin the sass.
Marco Maestoso was serving up bomb tacos all day!
Spencer and Mik Nuzzi saved me by providing the booth with some shade, thanks fam!
Joe has been a big supporter since day one, an OG Shockus park local, thanks Joe!
Mike got himself a fresh Shieldless tee in that bag!
Micah, Pirtle, and DG holding it down for Slappy’s Garage.
Andrew and Mal were hyped on their one-off purchase!
Nicole and Tamari
Dogs love Shieldless.
Nicole was so hyped on her sweater she had to put it on even in the hot weather!
Love these women, not only are they fun as hell but they rip too!
Annabelle came through to cop her Shieldless poster!
Trisha Mendez always bringing the good vibes!
Brendan spent all his rent money on Shieldless merch.
Deb.f copped a sick Shieldless turtle neck off the rack.
Kelsey and Jake’s first time to the cafe!
Daniel had to grab the Reuben Barrack photo tee!
Chris and Wyatt, father-son shredders combo.
Nick brought some wizardry to my day!
Best shirt alert!
Dunya, Stinky, and Derm.
Three friendly faces.
Duuudes rips!
Cobra cops a coffee.
Joshua bringing the smiles!
Dave and Kim, new friends!
Q Perez swinging by at the end of the day.
Mike G! He takes rad photos and supplied the sick pic for our new poster.
The man himself, Cano Cardenas! Thanks for having us dude!

Missed out? Grab a zine online HERE and stay tuned for more merch hitting the site soon!

Check out the Caffeine & Green grand opening on August 13th!