The Skate Loop X Slappy’s Garage’s “Limbo”

By Grant Fiero, Cover Image by Eduardo Sanchez

Slappy’s Garage released “Limbo” a couple weeks ago on Transworld. It’s a fun watch, it’s rad seeing the crew in the background of footage, that’s how a shop video should be in my eyes. There’s definitely some standout tricks in there, which made it easy to make some loops.

I originally started looping because I was thinking about how quickly tricks go by in videos, and making a loop can make you really appreciate the trick. It’s something fun for me, I love watching videos and choosing certain tricks to loop, sometimes it’s a simple trick done really well, and other times it’s something gnarly. Here are some of my favorites from “Limbo.”

The way he boned this fs half cab to get into the front krook looks amazing, this is a crazy one. Brent Pirtle

I think this is one of the best looking manny tricks, especially with a pop out like that! Collin Mitchell

Good trick selection for the spot, and the filming made it look even better. JJ Rice

Look at those arms! Billy Jackson

I feel like this is the dream trick for a spot like this, and Billy did it so well. This one is stuck in my mind. Billy Jackson

Jimmy always does great one foots, this one just looks so easy for him! Just a relaxing wallie one foot. Jimmy Cao

Creative use of the spot, and keeping it to fakie looked great. Beaver

I love how he had control of the noseblunt to 270 around, against his shoulders, and he rolled away with speed. Kevin Love

Flipping your board into a ledge this tall is insane. Look how quick that flick is! Kevin Love

He looks so light on his feet when he lands into the pivot, it’s perfect. Matt Skakun

Watch the full video edited by Aaron Platt in it’s entirety:

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