Street Massage

Photos by Mike Goodman.

Shieldless Mag is proud to present Street Massage, our first full-length skate video, and the first video by mag cofounder Nick Shields. Filming took place from May 2020 to December 2021. We didn’t set out to make a video that was supposed to progress the sport of skateboarding. The goal wasn’t to film the gnarliest tricks that would get reposted on Instagram. We just wanted to film with our friends, capture their progress, and see what we could get. We really tried to link up with as many friends as possible and present as diverse a group of skaters as we could, (the total number of individual skaters featured in the video tallies in at around fifty). Another goal of the video was to use music made by our friends and other fellow skateboarders. So often we notice homie videos have big mainstream songs featured in them or songs that have been used in bigger videos. We wanted to bring even more homies into our video with the music choices. We hope that you enjoy the video as much as we do, hopefully the good vibes and fun times we had making it shine through along with the diversity of styles and trick selections featured. Compiling a full-lengths worth of footage with zero iphone clips is becoming increasingly difficult in this day and age, throw in people posting tricks on Instagram and it’s damn near impossible. We encourage everyone to give it a shot, make a montage, have a premiere, hang with your friends and make something to remember the good times. The shenanigans that happen on a mission in the streets is something the average citizen doesn’t encounter, so capture it, appreciate it, share it, and enjoy it.

Premiere Photos

Dane Burman starts off the best trick contest with a tre flip tail grab well over the can!
Homie had mean hardflip, swear it flipped in slow motion.
Kento warming up with a kickflip before shutting it down with a bigspin flip for $100.
John with a faithful nosegrab tail smacker.
Hodge holding it down with a lofty backside flip melon.
Is this what they mean by Crailtap?
Z on the hunt for a Christ Air bounty from someone in the crowd.
Ride the fire to this boosted kickflip.
The only homie to go over the big can, it ain’t easy.
The crowd settles from the contest ready for the video.
Hodge ready to see his clips in the video already.
Migration out of the park to the big screen.
The boys set up the projector as the crowd awaits.
And so it begins…
A solid turnout to watch our first video!
Shockus forever. Shieldless is an homage to Network, as the kids say IYKYK.
Thanks to everyone who made it out!

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