Squeegee Prints

Words and video by Nick Shields

Juan Carlos Castellon fully embodies the D.I.Y. mentality of skateboarders we want to showcase here at Shieldless Mag. At age eighteen Juan set his mind to figuring out how to print stickers for his local skate shop Route 44. In that process he discovered silkscreening and embarked on a journey to figure out everything he possibly could about the subject. A couple years later, at the age of 20, he started his own business Squeegee Prints.  Juan began by screen printing skateboards and clothing for local shops and skateboard companies and eventually building a clientele of a much larger audience. A decade later, Squeegee Prints is doing as well as ever with no signs of slowing down. The shop space has since expanded and a brand new semi automated system was recently brought in and has substantially increased the rate of production for the company.

Juan sacrificing skate time for print time, getting the job done by any means necessary.
Photo: Barrack

Since day one, Juan’s major goal for Squeegee Prints has always been quality. Filming for this episode of Skaters Doing Things, I learned just how meticulous he could be. From what he says to how he skates Juan’s attention to detail is highly respectable. His roots in skateboarding has affected his drive and determination to never give up. The San Diego skateboarding community has also helped support the business immensely by constantly referring new clients to go to Juan for all of their printing needs.

Juan’s main goal for the future is “to buy a house and build a bowl.” Pretty much every skateboarder’s dream.  On the verge of Squeegee’s tenth anniversary, I think it’s safe to say that the backyard bowl of your dreams is well on it’s way my friend.

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