Slappy’s Gals Take San Francisco

Words by Annabelle Burruss, Photos by The Gals

On April 22, 2021, at approximately 4:55 a.m, the gal pals and I sprang from my front porch after receiving a highly anticipated text from Danny Goycoolea and Brendan O’Connor which simply read, “here.” To our surprise, we were greeted out front with the most bodacious of all sprinter vans: the Slappy’s Garage Gal-ion Stallion. After piling everyone in the van and as many Slappy’s Garage hats on our heads as we could manage, we were ready for our unforgettable journey to the Golden City.

Our crew consisted of myself and many legends, including Trisha Mendez, Michelle O’Leary, Rachel Lehnert, Micah Walker, and Nat Oaks. The three main goals for this voyage were simple: 1. produce fantastic footy for the next Slappy’s Garage video, 2. create life-long memories that will be cherished forever, and 3. leave with a flawless AirBnB rating. Unfortunately, we left goal number 3 unconquered and an uneaten stromboli in the upstairs bunkbed (R.I.P.). As for the skating, we were blessed with buttery spots, good weather, and gracious hosts along our way. Take a look at some of the awesome photos we were able to capture with our trusty disposable cameras in the midst of such good times. Hope you enjoy!

Let the van shenanigans begin!
Metro Skateboarding HQ!
Thanks for having us!
Back to back melon grabs!
Brendan at the legendary 3rd & Army.
Down and out.
“Energy” drink.
Just wait for the edit to drop!
Coffee break with the air dancers on the way out the bay, thanks for the good times!

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