“SK8MAFIA PROMO” Premiere Photo Recap

By Nick Shields

San Diego’s most beloved brand, SK8MAFIA premiered their newest video last night at Shockus Skatepark in Ocean Beach, bringing out SD’s most passionate skaters to attend the very first pandemic skate premiere. Fresh off the heels of their homie video “4THEHOMIES” dropping just this April, the Mafia crew threw together what they call the ” SK8MAFIA PROMO” video but this is far from the traditional promotional videos we saw back in the day. With banging full parts from Brandon Turner, Alex Willms, and Alexis Ramirez, the video also has team montages with some fire footage from Dan Connelly, Stephen Lawyer, Tiago Lopes, Javier Sarmiento, Jamie Palmore, Jimmy Cao, Marshall Heath, Kellen James, Tyler Surrey, and Wes Kremer. Lil B kicks off the video with some amazing switch tricks including a drop in off the Encinitas bank and some incredible street grabs. Alexis closes out the show with some brain-twisting handrail devouring, tackling some of So-Cal’s scariest staircase assistance bars switch.

All in all, even in a pandemic skaters came together respectfully and had a good time, beers were flowing and the BBQ was poppin’! As is tradition, the video started late but ended in a surprise shower by the parks and rec department’s sprinkler system. Go peep the vid for yourself, now on Thrasher.

Muhkilla Mariani and Caleb Martin holdin’ it down in OB.
Alowe sighting is always a pleasure.
Where’s your mask sir?!
Trisha Mendez fresh off a broken femur still down to come out hang with the homies!
Don’t f*ck with Ira and the claw!
Gil Marin out in the trenches of OB for the mafia!
Adryan sneakin in a nose pick!
Truman and Truesdale, the true loc-dawgs!
Heshmon and Eat Chit chillin’.
Gabe Gussin with a switch barley grind onto the other side of the ledge, legend!
Anotha one!
Gil with a back board straight to bs flip the hip.
Brendan O’connor noseslide bigspin!
Lapdog always down with the Mafia since day one!
Live painting done in the park! Phase one.
Lenny Rivas came through with some “Foos Gone Wild Grip”
Ivery came through with a grip of Hodad’s burgers, thanks Ivery!
Bao Pham Art. Phase 2.
Creepin’ it real as always Michaela.
BBQ went down right before the vid dropped!
Two of San Diego’s finest rippers, Gnarcel and Coogan!
Tailblock on the Sk8mafia stick!
Jaz Astudillo was blasting grabs over the volcano.
Cody Subido’s transfer to handplant on the volcano was insane!
Andy with a proper nosepick yank!
Good crew waiting for the vid to drop.
Kevin from Look Back Library made it, check them out!
Lot’s of blunts went down.
Lefty signature bar grinder.
Dermbot putting in work for a bs noseblunt.
Cano Cardenas, mag alumni! Keep your eyes peeled for big things from C & G!
You know Alexis grinded some of SD’s most fukt rails!
Lensman Eduardo Sanchez caught in front of the camera!
Dude kept the park session going with the headlight from his scooter.
Phase 3. Final product?
Video about to start!
Here we go!
Lil’ B’s part was a mindfuck!
She made this shirt herself! Mad love.
The back was sick af too!
More custom tees! So much love for the Mafia!
Three of San Diego’s best!
Shuriken, Lefty, Wes, enough said.

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