Shuriken Shannon

Words and video by Nick Shields, Photos by Reuben Barrack

Shuriken Shannon is a hometown hero of sorts for us at the mag. He came up out of San Diego, skating the same spots that we grew up skating, and made his way through the ranks to the professional level. Despite SD being such a skate Mecca not many people have accomplished this out of our area of the city. Shuriken’s had his name on boards, shoes, wheels, you name it but nowadays he’s creating his own unique art with those boards.

Early in his career Shuriken picked up a camera to capture his travels and shoot his friends who also happened to be amazing skateboarders. Through the years his hard drive collected a vast array of photos. Eventually he looked for an interesting way to display his photography and came across photo transfers. Shuriken knew if photo transfers were possible that he could figure out a way to print his photos onto used skateboards and breathe new life into the broken wood. After lots of trial and error he developed and perfected a process of getting the photos from camera to skateboard. Tune in to view Shuriken’s process, and if you can find that “special paper” he speaks of, then maybe you can create your own.

Shuriken with his Baca photo transfer from Skaters Doing Things.

Order some of Shuriken’s art HERE.

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