Shred For Shockus 2022

Words and video by Nick Shields, Photos by Mike Goodman

It’s been eight long years since we lost our dear friend Marc “Shockus” Delellis and every year since we’ve gathered at his favorite skatepark to celebrate his life by bringing together family, friends, good vibes, and epic skateboarding in his honor. This year was no exception to the stoke! Best trick contests were had and new obstacles were broken in. This day always brings out some of the gnarliest tricks that we’ve seen go down at the skatepark in Ocean Beach. This year skaters like Malachi Riley, Trisha Mendez, Mikey Morris, Kai Gormsen and DJ Martin came through with some amazing tricks that got the whole park hyped and cheering! Every year we leave Shred For Shockus with a stronger sense of community and empathy for our skateboarding family, it’s always a sweet reminder of what this culture can do when we all come together. Thank you Shockus, we miss you, and see you next year friends!



Westley Stanton snaps an ollie off the flat bar to flat!
Robert Thompkins grind to bomb drop, gnarly!
Trae with a classic OB flyout.
A-lowe holding it down on the mic!
This year’s shirt by A-lowe Prints! Special appearance by Lapdog!
Front smith in the best trick on the bank to ledge.
Kickflip boardslide gone wrong or a sick ass darkslide?!
Reubs battling a tre flip 5-0!
Front tail with a grit!
Lefty front lip to smith combo!
Shieldless team putting in work!
Back noseblunt revert on the park’s newest addition.
Grind n’ grab?
Malachi with his signature sweeper.
Nosepick by Dowdy!
He tried back heel out of this for a long time!
Another gnarly drop-in by Rob!
Front lip from low to high.
Reuben snags a Texas plant.
Still going!
Another front lip!
Jammers with the rock to fakie stee.
Big ‘ol kick flip indy!
Double hop back boneless across and in.
Front 180 fakie manny back in to fakie was a mind melter!
Kickflip panel to panel, gotta get this one Gerry!
DJ holding a feebs.
Hangin onto a long back lip.
High speed crook, watch out!
Lefty boardslide, get out the way!
Annual group photo!
So much love!

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