Shred For Shockus 2021

Words by Reuben Barrack

On October 9th, 2021 the friends and family of Marc “Shockus” Delellis gathered at his favorite skatepark in Ocean Beach, San Diego to remember the life of a great skateboarder and friend. It’s been seven years since the passing of our dear homie Marc. With the event back in full swing, phasing out the second wave of the pandemic, the mass turnout of fellow rippers felt familiar and the vibes were at an all time high. Some new to the park and OGs alike came through and paid their respects to Shockus by busting their most difficult maneuvers while having the most fun in the process. 

The morning sesh was Shockus’ preferred time to hit the park. So this year I made sure to get there as early as I possibly could to get it going before everything got too crowded. Long time friend of the mag James Truesdale suggested I hippy jump over the rail across the medium into the transition, which seemed really sketchy to dive straight into while I was still trying to get warm for the day. He’d been trying to get someone to handle it for years and no one wanted any of that smoke. However, I pushed through my shakiness and somehow rolled away fourth try with no battle scars! I just thought about how hyped Shockus would be to see something new go down at the park, also during the morning sesh no less. Every time I step on my board I’m still trying to push myself for you, Marc!

Also want to give a major shout-out to Mikey Morris for getting his hands dirty with a shovel early in the morning by getting all the garbage and gunk out of the concrete can in order to skate it atop of the medium. Also rolled it into the park and managed to get an NBD on the can with a heavy switch nose pivot! Take notes kids, if you want something done right don’t be afraid to do it yourself and spark it up for you and your friends. And always remember to skate for those who no longer can and always tell your friends you love them. 

See you next year!

Photos by Eduardo Sanchez:

Annual group photo, always a ton of love in this moment.
Mikey can tail tap.
I hope he’s as satisfied as we are with this one!
Fatty melon grab, another MM signature move.
Larue pivot yank to fakie.
Larue fancy back D.
BS boneless break from curb destruction.
Huh… Hurvey with a classic rock fakie.
Heshmon, local good buddy, noseblunt yank.
Judo tail block by Adrien.
Can’t beat a good flight over the hip!
Bryson one footer with some extra flare from AJ and Cam.
Malik’s got a stylish front feeble game.
Here goes the Malachi show!
Long time destroyer of Shockus park.
Every OB head’s favorite skater.
Leg extension on an extension, meta.
It’s too easy for him.
“Rocket air comb your hair.”
Patrick’s got footplants.
Patrick’s got handplants.
No bones were harmed here.
Justin fatty air to smack down.
Not sure what he calls this one but it looks like a good time.
Adryan nosepick at sundown.
Ri getting real laid back with a stylish front rock!

Photos by Mike Goodman:

Sniper photo of a photo.
Can never have enough angles at Shockus day!
DJ Martin professional rocker.
Gotta show the media homies some love, shout out DG.
Ed has captured many of the greatest photos at this park, thanks Ed!
Dowdy’s skate break to catch some angles.
Now thats a sustainable blunt fakie.
Mikey’s back and flying high, even on a sober kick.
Wes sighting is always a pleasure.
More Malarkey!
Lux crews, probably the youngest ripper with the highest Shred For Shockus attendance.

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