Rolling For Rights II Recap

By Nick Shields

On September 5th, the crew behind Rolling For Rights SD brought together skateboarders from all walks of life for a “Roll In Solidarity.” The band of boarded brethren lead the pack from El Cajon Blvd and Normal Street down through Balboa Park and ended at a block party at 6th and Laurel. Folks equipped with wheeled devices of all kinds followed behind blaring chants of equality and embossed with signs calling for social justice. The goal of this rolling protest was to “demand racial justice by supporting our community, plus decriminalizing skateboarding,” according to the group’s Instagram account. Speakers included professional skateboarder Brandon Turner, skatepark developer Kanten Russell, and spearhead of the Spring Valley skatepark project, Christian Gregorio. Rolling For Rights is a great source for staying politically aware of how to make changes in the local community of San Diego, information on when to vote, city council meetings, local political candidates and more can be found on Instagram @rollingforrightssd. Keep up with planning and future meetings regarding the Spring Valley skatepark on Instagram @springvalleyskatepark.

The calm before the storm, everyone pays respect to the event’s speakers.
Bricke brother sighting! House Of Vista in the…wild?
Niche skate crews stay together.
I spy a Shieldless tee.
T-Bone lead the crowd the whole way and held it down in his Lowcard gear!
Shuriken’s board, the fight never stops.
Our fearless leaders.
Muhkillah ahead of the pack.
Amazing turnout!
Tyrone Olson: skateboarder, leader, flag holder.
Caffeine & Green in the streets!
Nothin’ but love player!
Later Cano!
Now that’s a push for peace right there!
Always and forever.
Through the park we go.
It was hot as hell but that didn’t stop nobody!
Malik with the stare down.
Around the bend, almost there!
SD represent!
Lil’ B all smiles.
I don’t know about you but I love a good push photo!
Pierce pointin’ n’ pushin’!
Keep an eye on your back.
Getting close.
Good times all around.
DJ Quick Feet.
What a mega peaceful dude.
R.I.P. Huber.
Shuriken stays Shieldless.
Finish line.
Tyrone waits it out for the back of the pack to catch up.
Father and son push through.
The legendary Kanten Russell, we owe all our skateparks to him.
Homie was killin’ the kicker.
Gotta get that gram boiz!
Scarred Skateboards, check em out!
Our Own Reuben Barrack with a pop shuv over the whole ramp. Film credz to our boy Bryan Phillips.

Learn all you need to know about this organization and it’s cause HERE.