R.I.P. Ryan Bowers

It’s with a heavy heart here at Shieldless that we must say goodbye to our friend Ryan Bowers who passed away from suicide this last Saturday. Nick and I both grew up skating with Ryan, performed in high school musicals together, and also caught his first concerts as he was coming up as a rapper in SD. We wanted to create a compilation of his skating as it progressed over the years but also reminisce on his successful rap career, mixed in with some highlights that truly show how goofy and full of life Ryan was. As we grow older and find our own paths throughout this world, it’s difficult thinking that we wish we would have maintained more of a presence in his life up until his untimely passing. But knowing he’s at peace and that his legacy will live on through his music helps us find comfort while processing this loss. We want to remind everyone who supports us that we keep an open dialogue about mental health and that we’re here to listen if anyone needs to discuss any issues regarding depression, anxiety and their overall well being. Despite everything, we are so proud of Ryan for everything that he accomplished during his brief time with us on this earth. We love you Baby Ginger, we’ll be doing Nollie big spins for you and bumping your music for the rest of our days. Rest easy, king. 

 – Reuben

Ryan’s family invites you all to a candlelight vigil at Shockus skatepark in Ocean Beach tomorrow, July 22nd at 6 pm. Also, please donate to his family’s Gofundme to raise money for funding a proper memorial service:

Disclaimer: We do not own the rights to any of the footage or music used in this edit, we simply rearranged it for memorial purposes only.  See video for credits.