Pretzel Vision 2: Reuben & Nick

Words by Reuben Barrack

FS Wallride
Photo: Gussin

Pretzel Vision 2 is a new homie video offering from Gabe Gussin, showcasing footage from SD, the Bay Area and PNW amassed over the past few years. PV2 encapsulates the essence of this genre: traveling with friends and keeping skateboarding fun. Most of the skaters in PV2 are unsponsored, work full-time and skate for the love of it. It’s reflected in the trick selection for each part, as well as the unique spots depicted throughout the video. 

I was living in OB with Nick when we filmed most of these clips with Gabe. We would meet at our place on Narragansett and bomb the hill down towards Newport to search through the local alleys. The best part about filming for this video was leaving the car behind and focusing on finding spots we would have otherwise overlooked.

Another highlight was having the chance to film at EMB. The best sessions happen when you don’t plan to film anything, and our group of homies happened to meet in SF at the same time and we had a full day over there! It felt nostalgic to be skating in a space that curated so much magic from the 90s, and Gabe did a great job paying homage with a modern approach. Homie videos are alive and well, and the snack man gives you some food for thought in this epic adventure. Eat it up!

Hit up @gabesgotsnacks to get a full-length copy of PV2 and witness some NBD trickery!

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