Holding It Down With Malachi Riley

Malachi Riley has been silently destroying OB park for the past decade now. You could be skating Shockus park and not even know he had rolled in until you saw him out of the corner of your eye blasting head high over hips and nailing fully extended inverts on the tombstone. At some point, we started to notice little homemade tattoos popping up on him, this tends to stand out on teenagers. Eventually, those little tattoos turned into the rad psychedelic artwork that has come to form Malachi’s current art portfolio today. He has since moved on from only marking his own body into applying his unique artistic style onto the skin of others. We can’t wait to see what’s to come of Malachi’s skating and his art, big things are in store for this young ripper!

Malarkey always rollin’ up to Shockus park.
PHOTO: Sanchez
Getting by with some help from the TMNT.
PHOTO: Sanchez
No-nose airwalk over the volcano. Mind melting as always.
PHOTO: Sanchez

Keep up with Malachi’s skating on Instagram @dunzo__ as well as his art @stokefeeler!

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