Let The Good Times Roll

Words and photography by Reuben Barrack.

The fifth annual Shred For Shockus at OB park on Oct. 5th was a day of celebration, reflection, and a preservation of memory. What better way to represent all three of those themes by taking photos of the event? We at Shieldless came up with the concept of documenting an entire session using only a single roll of film, so it’s a nod to keep it rolling!

As always, Coogan shut it down and there were endless amounts of food and beverages to go around! For this photo series in particular, I wanted to focus more on the people attending this year rather than the skating itself. I tried to capture portraits of the park’s pioneers, like Gabe Ryan, who used to hold it down working in the park office once upon a time and had a huge influence on my skating growing up. And then there’s people like Dave McKinney, Ryno, Arty, and Ricky Holderby, who were always on the early morning sessions with Shockus every weekend before his passing. These individuals define the culture of the park and SD skateboarding as a whole: having fun with friends and staying supportive. 

There are also some hometown heroes featured as well, like Lefty, Micah Christina, Lance George, Michaela Mariani and Alex Clark. I can honestly say that we wouldn’t have become the skaters and humans we are to this day without those aforementioned pioneers who paved the way for us on and off the skatepark terrain. Every skater will tell you how special their hometown park is and how much it shaped them, and not to brag, but we have something truly unique at this gritty enclosure by the beach that deserves to be depicted. Many people that inhabit a local park come and go, but we manage to put aside our work schedules and obligations to do this every year, even if Shockus would have hated it [laughs]. 

It’s a special day for me because I get to catch up with friends I’ve watched grow up, start families, and really come into their own, while also meeting new skaters who show up and show love. I also think back on how I lucky I am to have known a man like Marc Delellis. He was my neighbor, always looked out for those in his community, and would do anything to help his friends. Every time I step on my board, I’m reminded of his kindness and passion for skateboarding. So here’s to letting the good times roll, and shredding for Shockus!

Gabe Ryan pondering if his “safety meeting” stash is still hidden in the park office.

Mike Neff knows how to brighten up any session! Mega peace and mad love.

Germ, Hewitt, Chad and Truesdale enjoying some tan time while the madness unfolds.

Lance and DJ, all smiles and all style. Both ripped hard and kept the park kook-free!

Alex and Arrow, like father like son. The future’s looking bright!

Dominic Mabile, the brains behind Searat Skateboards. Skaters Doing Things dropping soon!

Dave McKinney holding it down every year. Lapdog lurking for another beer.

Heavy lineup: Mike and Micah Christina, Lance, Lefty, Michaela and Dave Coyne post up post group photo on the volcano. 

Barrio Mike with his wife Natalie and their daughter Saylor, along with ramp champs Mikey Morris, Brandon Perelson and Heshmon. 

Brandon, Josh Stafford and Chad surveying the crowd while Arty, Ryno and Lefty have the best seats in the house. 

Noah Hargrove and Gabe Gussin, repping the mag and keeping that PMA flowing.

Ricky and Ryno, both rocking the same Shockus Forever tee from years past.  

Watch the full video recap of the event and see some skate photos HERE.

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