“LEFTY” Premiere Photos

Words & Photos by Reuben Barrack

Last Thursday in Ocean Beach, skaters, family members and friends gathered at Culture Brewing to celebrate the world premier of LEFTY, a documentary featuring Stevie “Lefty” Breeding. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Stevie’s story, he lost his right arm in a car accident driving back to San Diego from Tehachapi at the age of 13. At the time we were just starting to skate together more frequently, and this awful news shook our crew to its core. But as this mini doc demonstrates, Stevie never let this obstacle in his life hold him back from becoming the man he is today. In fact, it purely motivated him to skate even harder, and this unfortunate loss would later help him gain renowned sponsors like DC, Creature, and Pacific Drive to name a few. Lefty has always been a source of inspiration for me personally, skating through life with power and a smile on his face. I’m honored to call him one of my closest friends, and all of SD couldn’t be more proud of your big night! Hope you enjoy these recap photos from the festivities, big ups to Lefty!

Everyone posted out front, Mikey’s wondering when this premier is going to pop off!
The man of the hour, Lefty calms the crowd while they fix the PA.
Aaaaaannnd we’re back in action, Lefty gives the signal to fire it up!
Lefty and his mom Yollie, it’s no secret where he gets his strength and positivity from.
Lefty with his sister Arianna, it’s a family affair! Mad love all around.
A-ones A-Lowe and Lance George hyped on the final cut.
Kelly and Michaela, glowing and feeling the love (and beers).
The happy couple always holding it down, cheers to you!
Mikey keepin it grimple, still feeling a little left out by Lefty…
Ahhhhh, now that’s more like it! OBs finest
Lefty and his homie Sebastian, packed to the brim with SD support.
Arty and Eric Fischer, big OGs at the merch table.
“Just wait til they see the Bagman vs. Larb cartoon!” Legends Hewitt, Hitz, Danny Way and Tom Remillard let the good times roll.
Q and Derm, clean on the scene. Who has the better stache?
“I meeaaannn, I guess you can take a photo of us.”
Lefty’s night is also ladies night! Ft: Nikki Breeze, Trisha, Annabelle and their homegirls.
The Muscle only has eyes for solid craft beer, heal up soon player!
Big Cam and ABelle, big smiles for miles!
Hitz had enough of the limelight for one night…
“Please just take this Lefty sticker and go shoot someone else!” Message received
Stacked with Arty Skates, LARB decks and custom Lefty stickers!
Brian Martinez, Audra Jahn, Dylan O’Neill, happy holidays from Culture.
Longtime friends Marissa, Carolina and Ryan Bowers also pulled up, it was a full on reunion!
To top off an already epic evening, Willy Santos blessed Lefty with a parking block pillow.
Rhino, Lefty and Michaela slightly out of focus. You can guess where the night went from here! Thanks to everyone who came out for our friend Stevie!

Watch the full mini doc here:

Keep up with Lefty and his story on Instagram.

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