Holding It Down With Sean Meighan

By Nick Shields

I first got introduced to Sean Meighan’s photos through our monthly film galleries known on the site as Filmonthly. Sean reached out to us early on with some amazing submissions and it’s been a pleasure to see what he comes up with every time he sends in more pics. Meighan’s film photos stand out with his eye for key natural lighting and attention to detail in capturing unique environments and landscapes. His portraits capture the emotions of his subjects while highlighting the space around them just as well. Meighan’s digital photography displays skateboarding with perfectly timed framing and well-placed flashes. We are stoked to share more photos from Sean and get an insight into his photography in this spotlight.  Oh yeah, he also rips on a board and is a great hang, make sure and give him a follow @meighanimages!

Left: The man himself behind the lens mid photoshoot. Right: The man himself in front of the lens mid tank ollie.

Checkout more of Sean’s work on his website Instagram @meighanimages. See more photos by skateboarders HERE.