Holding It Down With Mikey Sanchez

By Nick Shields

I was first introduced to Mikey Sanchez and his photography through mutual friends online and asked him to do a recap of the FTV 5 premiere weekend. The article came out sick, and since then I’ve had the pleasure of skating and shooting with the man behind the lens. Mikey is a genuine skater, constantly in the streets searching for stoke and capturing it indefinitely on film. Not only is his technical ability and smooth style on the board impressive but so is his eye for detail through a camera. Mikey searches for the small moments in skating that capture the friendship and camaraderie of the culture. Check out more of Mikey’s awesome photos on Instagram @latetothepartymikey and here on Shieldless in our Filmonthly segment. We look forward to working with Mikey in the years to come!

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