Holding It Down With Mark Kowalchuk

We recently met Mark Kowalchuk through Instagram when we posted about an episode of our podcast “Quarantine Call With Shieldless Mag” featuring Chris Cole. Mark reached out to us because he had done some art for Chris’s shoe sponsor Fallen Footwear, and wanted to work with us. We recently developed this new segment Holding It Down to showcase photographers and artists who are also skateboarders. For this segment, we switch it up from the traditional interview format of: question, photo, question, photo, and layout the whole interview for you upfront so that you get to know the artist before you explore their work. Another goal was to obtain advice from all these different artists so that anyone out there, amateur or professional, can learn a little bit about confidence and the path to developing your own style. So, check out Mark’s detailed linework and fun graphics from some of his collabs with brands big and small.

No Comply Lazer Heel from Mark’s Canvas article for Thrasher in 2017.
Photo by: Liam Glass
Mark cruisin’ a couple of weeks ago keepin’ it fun.
Photo by: Marlene Hielema

Check out more of Mark’s work on his website markkowalchuk.com and on Instagram @mark_kowalchuk.

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