Holding It Down With Jeremy Garcia

Jeremy Garcia is a multitalented individual, music, art, or skateboarding, he holds it down on many fronts. When he’s not skating or drumming in the punk band All Beat Up, Jeremy creates this rad world of creatures and oftentimes humorous drawings with pen and paper. His style on the board is also a treat, proper flick and trick selection make him a rad person to sit down and watch at the park. When I saw his artwork on the gram I was hyped, my first thought was, “these are fucking sick!” We’re happy to have a segment where we get to highlight the art of skaters like Jeremy. So read a little about his process in developing his style, dealing with imposter syndrome, and how he creates his own style of monsters and figures. Keep holding it down!

Jeremy with a proper flick at Dallas park.
Photo: @shotbynave

See more art by Jeremy on his Instagram @germ_germz.