Holding It Down With Jake Martin

Holding It Down is a new segment on Shieldless where we shine some light on skateboarders who are also talented artists. In this first installment we have Jake Martin, Jake is an incredible skater with style for days but when his film photos started popping up on his Instagram they were equally impressive. Jake’s got an eye for lighting and shapes that stand out in your feed. Often using subjects like old cars or neon signs, his eye catching angles give you a unique perspective into his world. He also captures rad skate photos from afar, no fisheye shots give the viewer a sense of passing by a skate session and catching a glimpse of a skater out of the corner of your eye. We asked Jake some basic questions to get to know a little more about his photography and hope to see more from him in the future.

C10 pickup.
Tones Slappy front feeble.
Billy Noseblunt to fakie.
Alex shootin’.
Carl switch heel.
Vinnie Banh 3 flip tailgrab.
Tanner in San Pedro.
Josh Parker back 50.
Jake in front of the lens, nollie front heel shot by Josh Parker.

See more photos from Jake Marin on Instagram @jamminjakefish.

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