“FLOUR” by Labyrinth Skateboards

Words by Reuben Barrack

Fresh crew at a classic spot.
Photo: Marquez

FLOUR by Kevin Marquez provides the perfect recipe for a solid skate edit. Tech-manny finesse paired with proper huckage, no spot is safe in this intricate offering. FLOUR features some of SD’s most iconic destinations to skate, like Balboa Park and Home Ave Ditch. Filmed over the course of five days in San Diego, Shaun Grimshaw, Reef Willard and Seth Frost came to town from Sacramento to serve up some serious street cuisine for Labyrinth Skateboards. This emerging brand is also founded by Willard and Grimshaw, an entity to express their art through skateboarding.

A cameo from local legend Gabe Ryan blends well with the squad on their ephemeral excursion, and the way Marquez masters his HD camera gives Ty Evans a run for his money! It’s always refreshing to watch a clip that makes you excited to revisit spots you might have forgotten about, while also providing stoke for new spots you’ve never been to. Take notes, this crew compiles all the right ingredients. Lookout for their decks and for the full team announcement soon.

Gabe Ryan joined in on the spot carnage when the boys came to town.
Photo: Marquez
Celebratory ginger beers for all! You guys killed it, now kick back and relax.
Photo: Marquez

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Also check out @reefwillard @shaaundoe and @frost.seth to see where they’ll conquer next.