Filmonthly: December ’21

Words by Nick Shields

It’s officially been one year of putting out regularly scheduled Filmonthly segments. We wanted to take this month to highlight some of our favorite photos from our contributing members over the last year. We are so stoked about how this chapter of the site has grown. We see people reposting these pics and we’ve added a handful of photographers from around the world. We didn’t start Filmonthly just to give established photographers a place to shine but we started it for the everyday skater who happens to carry a film camera with them. We wanted to show the skater’s perspective of the world. Yes, some of the photos we’ve had the pleasure of sharing are amazing photos but it’s more important to us that it came from someone we truly back and who backs us. We’ve had professional photographers who’ve been featured in Thrasher and we’ve had casual homies who just use a disposable camera once in a while. That, to me, is the beauty of this segment. I can’t wait to see where this thing leads, lets add more photographers in 2022, shoot more photos, and support more homies. Keep an eye out for a physical Filmonthly zine coming next year, fingers crossed.

Alex Pourfard (@sasanpourfard):

Branden Reynolds (@branden.reynolds):

Chris Hernandez (@chrishernandezz):

Eduardo Sanchez (@eduartoe):

Fletcher Berndt (@fletcherberndt):

Jake Martin (@jamminjakefish):

Kurt Hodge (@krutaj):

Mikey Sanchez (@latetothepartymikey):

Nate Barrack (@nachoess):

Nick Shields (@notshields):

Reuben Barrack (@_mazeltuff_):

Sean Meighan (@meighanimages):

Sean Quintana (@holidayintheunitedstates):

Steven Levas (@squidfiles):

Terry Ham (@terryham):

Tristan Sutrisno (@dwaynebarackobamajohnson)

Big thanks to all our contributors! View more Filmonthly galleries HERE.