Pick Pocket MFG

“Skater Owned And Sewn” is the motto for Josh Stafford’s recycled fashion clothing brand.

Shuriken Shannon

Shuriken found a way to display his photography onto old skateboards and breathe new life into recycled decks.

Sea Rat Skateboards

Every Sea Rat board is pressed, hand cut, sanded, stained, and screen printed by Dominic himself.

Squeegee Prints

With 10 years in business under his belt Juan shows no signs of slowing down!

Cano Cardenas

Cano relates his dedication and drive to his roots in skateboarding.

Reuben Barrack

Reuben finds himself gravitated to the d.i.y. ethos and keen eye in the streets that it takes to capture good photos.

Treasure Hunting PDX

Chris has developed a decent sized following in just one year and has shipped out clothes to followers all over the world.

Anthem Skateboards

Dave puts his design skills to work and has made quality decks with unique shapes and graphics inspired by old boards from his childhood.