Fear Of Noise Fest 2019 Recap

Words & Photos by Reuben Barrack, Captions by Reuben Barrack and Bryan Phillips

Punks from near and far gathered on Dec. 6th-7th for the second annual Fear of Noise Festival in San Diego. Formed by DIY musicians/skaters Sean and Blaine Slingerland of Therapy, FoN was created to celebrate the ever evolving local punk scene while also strengthening its community through the addition of touring bands from all over the U.S. Most of the bands featured in this year’s lineup shred more than their guitars, and we here at the mag wanted to highlight them through the help of our rad homie Bryan Phillips of Goal Achiever Records and All Beat Up. So, we teamed up and produced a limited run of zines (which will include a digital copy dropping on the site later this week) as well some koozies for the occasion! 

Each zine showcases various band members, such as vox stylist Jasmine Watson of Screaming Fist from Oakland and bassist Garrett Ficacci of The Gay Agenda to name a few, divulging their stoke vs. broke for skating/punk as well as their FoN favorite(s). 

The turn out this year was exceptional and we were hyped to be involved. Special thank you to all the vendors and venues involved, including Tower Bar, the Che Cafe and Space Bar for their hospitality! Grab a bev, listen to some of the bands listed above while you scroll through, and please enjoy this recap! 

Crankin off night one at Tower Bar!
All Beat Up settin up, Jermz maddoggin
All Beat Up’s XMAS card
Bryan gettin sweaty, scope the DIY Ollie pad on those Strayes. He should put one on his sock!
D-Wrex with heels bigger than your dick!
Garrett jammin on the bass. Did you know he speaks fluent Japanese?
David from Gay Agenda reppin local art from Loser Heavy and local band All Beat Up
“Take it off dude!”
Took it off
Day two at the Che, Danny L. and Sean talking back line (probably)
Blaine slingin those Therapy goods, peep that headband
Matt D (Therapy) scopin the zine
Bryan, Merch Troll
Oakland in full effect!
“What happened to youuuuuu?!?!”
I promise…
PSA: everyone get your flu shot
Night two outside the Che
Local D-beaters GRITOS took the stage
GRITOS Frontman Oscar A takes killer photos of the SD punk scene, shouts out for holding it down
Breaking news: Happy Birthday Chris!!
Fun fact: Chris is actually birthday buddies with Reuben from the mag
Therapy shredding
Headband brothers pt. 1 (Blaine)
Headband brothers pt. 2 (Sean)
Jimmy (Headcount, Bayonet) caught in a mosh!
Screaming Fist!
Screaming Fist power stance
Fear of Noise 2019: The year of the fallen banner (refer to previous photos)
Mass Arrest: READY
Will (bass) is featured in the zine
Performing in your own bands shirt: power move
Hanging from the rafters is a timeless Che cafe classic
That’s a wrap! Thanks for having us. Finally a photo with the banner holding up!
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