Fear Of Noise 2021 Recap

By Reuben Barrack

After taking a year off from a live gathering due to the pandemic, the third annual Fear of Noise Festival returned to San Diego, December 3rd & 4th, better than ever. For those of you who are new to the fest and unfamiliar with its founding contributors, DIY musicians/skaters Sean and Blaine Slingerland of Therapy created FoN to celebrate the ever evolving local punk scene while also strengthening its community through the addition of touring bands from all over the U.S. Although certain safety measures were encouraged amidst this COVID world, that did not stop folks from stage diving and moshing at their leisure, the majority of whom were masked up and respecting everyone’s space. Nothing more punk than being aware of your surroundings and keeping each other safe while jamming out. Love to see it!

Even though we did not produce a zine to highlight skaters in the bands this year, we hope this stacked photo series makes up for it! Featuring our staple shredders in All Beat Up and Headcount, as well as touring bands new to FoN such as Twompsax. It’s so rad to see the continued diversity of skaters involved with each passing year, and it will only gain more momentum as the scene keeps growing. Just as long as people don’t break out into fights from a broken nose (or two) in the pit, something to keep in mind moving forward in the years to come. Special thank you to all the vendors, venues and staff, including M-Theory Records, Tower Bar and Queen Bee’s for their hospitality! An even bigger thank you to Blaine and Sean for having us and for putting on a killer event once again.

Grab your bev of choice, check out bands from this year @fear_of_noise while you scroll through, and please enjoy this recap!

M-Theory kickoff, Jeremy @germ_germz with a warm welcome out front.
Bryan @notverypunkrock and Mike @x2scoopsx setting up for Closedown’s first show.
Frontman Adam @adambixel with a mean staredown of the scene.
Bry getting mad ignorant on those drums, and feeling pretty good about it.
Chris @keanureevesyoungerbrother catching their breath while jamming in all the chaos.
Local moshers getting down, no records were harmed in the making of this pit.
“Think you have enough energy for a stage dive, my guy?”
Adam answers the call, Jer and Mario @nadahero assist with the carcass haul.
Jimmy @ricxflair corralling the masses for Headcount’s @xheadcountx set.
“You wanna see something cool?!”
Hairstyles of all colors posted up and getting down.
Absolute madness! Bry got front and center for this intimate set.
“What happened to youuuuuuuu?!?!” 2021 edition.
Commanding the crowd as always, that’s gonna do it for M-Theory!
Rendezvous at Tower Bar, Matt @mattubby has a little secret for Jer out front.
Message received! Therapy @therapy.sd about to bring the heat.
Chris @keanureevesyoungerbrother is not of this earth.
Blaine @loser_heavy shredding! Is the headband on or off this year?
Meanwhile, contemplative mohawk mosher wants to open up the pit.
Beware of the bows!
Jer stepped in to regulate, keeping Adam and others out of harm’s way.
Mohawk mosher needs a rest, everyone else rushed right in.
Sean @speedcreamer, the other headband brother, ripping on guitar.
The sheer amount of piercing anguish here says it all.
Matt up close and personal on the sticks, that’s it for Friday night!
New night, new venue, not a whole lot of sleep. Folks line up at Queen Bee’s on Saturday.
Master lensmen Nick @notshields had a solid spread for the Shieldless table inside. Thanks again to everyone who stopped by, grabbed stickers and bought merch!
Masterminds behind FoN, Blaine (L) and Sean (R) posted up with @speedcreamer right next to us. Thanks again for including us as vendors, gents!
Mama D @d.wrex inside Queen Bee’s, fit for the gods!
Punx from near and far started to pile in.
That yellow really pops, thanks for supporting the mag!
All Beat Up @all_beat_up wasting no time, round two’s underway.
That’s one tough ensemble, just refer to the next photo.
Bry barking, D with looks that could break the bass, Jer went full Orc!
After ABU, local L.I.C.E. @live_laugh_lice_ enthusiast gave us a flash! Free Shieldless tee to anyone who can guess who this is!
Auxilio @auxilioband getting the crowd fired up! Nick snapped these while I relieving myself of yet another $13 Modelo.
Bry off stage and behind the scenes, full rocker mode for Auxilio’s set.
Invoking the spirit of FoN, guitars all the way up! Thanks for stepping in Nick.
Dunya @duuudes , Alysha @celebrating.nothing and Benny @damnbenny starting to lose steam…
@idioteyes and @deadbirdsandwich said take notes y’all! Keep it going!
Violencia @violencia_hc and their triumphant return to SD!
Don’t always need to face the punx to get your point across.
Shake your fucking fists!
Power stance locked in over the front row.
Justin of @touristcv and crew watch the Violencia massacre head on.
OG ABU tee sighting in the pit! Blinded beanie mosher still going for it.
Twompsax! Coming in Hot (Pink)
Cher Strauberry @cher_strauberry with a balled up fist that means business.
Keeping her composure before becoming ungovernable.
One of the biggest pits I’ve witnessed at FoN.
Lawrence @_darkfriends__ hopped on stage, ready to dive!
Cher getting revved up! Fuck cops, fuck men!
Primal performance at its best.
Cher autographed her signature Vans slip ons for a fan, don’t tell her punk friends
And just like that, another year of FoN is wrapped! Cheers from the mag team, be sure to snag a photo from @electric.eye.sd at their next event!

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