F*ck This Weekend: FTV5 Premiere Recap

By Mikey Sanchez

The Tucson boys don’t get to see the FTV crew as often as we wish. However, as tradition, we made a mandatory trip to see our San Diego homies premiere their latest installment to the Fuck This Video series. Usually these premieres line up with Vinny Dalfio’s birthday, so you know we always have one hell of a time. This might be a good time for us to apologize to our neighbors at the Airbnb for the weekend, hopefully they see these photos and have a better understanding at what a good time we were having indeed. Thank you Vinny, Reuben, Nick, Truman, The Tunas, and the never ending list of family and friends we spent the weekend with. Great job as always to everyone involved with this video, now go watch Fuck This Video 5 if you haven’t yet and go skate with your friends!

Vinny already working on FTV6!
Zion Fairley- Hardflip at the first spot of the trip.
Can’t stop Big Tuna.
Zion Fairley- Caveman nosegrind on a Duffel rail.
Big Tuna- Off the wall
Zion Fairley- Boneless to frontside grind
Trench boys
FTV crew
You already know ‘Deckcheckdaddy’ came to town as well.
Four tricks at one spot. Daddy was hungry.
Brotherly love. Tunas.
Lil’ Tuna- Kickflip front grind transfer into a crusty bank.
After the make
 FTV6 is coming in hot.
Remember when we were allowed to high five? Reubs and Grant do.
Jeff Stevens and Lil’ tuna
Jeff Stevens- Deckcheck Smith. Go Daddy!
Tucson boys. Mark, Travis, Zion, Mike, Grant, and Dalt.
Can’t share what Kanaan Dern did but it was heavy! The world will see it soon.
Two of the best people I know. Reuben Barrack and Nick Suarez.
Zion backs ‘Shieldless’. Thanks for the shirts Reuben!
Vinny, Jeff, and Lil’ Tuna. What a squad in-itself!
Vinny Dalfio- favorite skater, favorite filmer.
Big and Lil’ Tuna, Z posted with the victory bubs in the back!
 Jeff and Reuben, aka Deckcheck Daddy and Wax Daddy babysitting their beers.
Reuben and Big, sounds like there could be a hit new series in the works…

Hug your homies! Reuben and Zion embrace after the video drop.
Mark and Travis Yingst, enclosing Jeff, Z, Vinny, Reuben, Mike and Grant while Teha tops it off! 
Best believe they got bevs in the trenches! Travis and Truman, tried and true.
Tall Cam likes tall cans! Mr. McIntosh feeling the love with Travis.

Nothing like some NA beers to reign in the festivities! 
 Tucson tribe, Z, Mark, Grant, Mike and Travis.
Take that tuna sandwich to go, time for Karaoke dudes!
Mikey and Vinny, good to see you both in front of the lens!
Vinny and Jeff, Dogger is rocking that sideways Stevens steeze on his hat.
Masterlensman Vindogg and Reuben with Tehadogg, the real MVP!

Now go call your friends and watch FTV5 on Thrasher HERE.

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