Episode 3: Bryan Phillips


On episode three Reuben and Nick ring up Bryan Phillips, an independent punk musician from San Diego and fellow skateboarder. We start off our discussion with how the Coronavirus quarantine has affected Bryan, and what he’s been up to during this time. Bryan speaks on how this pandemic will affect d.i.y. musicians via touring and gigs. Then we get into some light hearted skate talk, we cover the slam challenges, skating alone, trying not to get hurt, filming ourselves, and much more. We end it off with Bryan’s perspective on the long term affect the virus quarantine will have on independent musicians and how you can support local artists, financially and also by sharing their work. Follow Bryan on Instagram @notverypunkrock, his bands @all_beat_up & @tome.heavymetal as well as his recording project @goalachiever_. Find out more about Bryan in his interview on shieldlessmag.com Dropping In With Bryan Phillips and check out our Fear Of Noise zine packs available in our shop. Find more music like the intro song in this episode by Tome HERE.Find more music like the outro song in this episode from All Beat Up HERE.

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