Episode 22: Schmitty


This episode was recorded on May 31st, 2020. In this episode of Quarantine Call With Shieldless Mag, we phone up podcast host, filmer, and Thrasher staff veteran Schmitty. Schmitty hosts his own podcast called Talkin’ Schmit that inspired us to do our own when the pandemic hit. We catch up with Schmitty to talk about how quarantine has affected his life. We discuss the beginning of protests and seeing skateboarders on the news. We get into why Schmitty started his podcast, working at Thrasher for the last twenty years, remembering his close friends he’s recently lost, working on a China Banks documentary, filming some of the gnarliest skateboarding and much much more! Keep up with Schmitty on Instagram @talkin_schmit and check out the podcast on all podcasting platforms. Also, grab some merch from his site talkinschmit.com. Find more content at shieldlessmag.com and keep up with us on Instagram @shieldlessmag.Find more music by Beat$ByDojo HERE.

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