Episode 20: Shuriken Shannon


For episode 20 of Quarantine Call With Shieldless Mag we catch up with our friend and professional skateboarder Shuriken Shannon. We find out what he’s been up to during quarantine and hear about some of the madness he’s seen out in the wild during all this. Shuriken has deep roots in the San Diego skate scene and we discuss some of his influences that got him to where he is today. We also discuss skating in ankle weights, filming for the Pig Wood Slaughterhouse video, skating on stage with Lil Wayne, and getting a pro model shoe back in the day. Shuriken also shares some memories of the late P-stone and Jake Phelps from his time with them on Thrasher’s King Of The Road 2007, including when Phelps threw an apple at his head after landing a trick he was battling for! Keep up with us on Instagram @shieldlessmag. Make sure to follow Shuriken and all of his endeavors @shurikensjoint, @blaqeyevisuals, and @simpletimesofficial. Buy Shuriken’s board HERE. Find more music by Beat$ByDojo HERE.

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