Episode 19: Trisha Mendez


In this episode of Quarantine Call With Shieldless Mag, Reuben and Nick call up local San Diego ripper Trisha Mendez. We catch up with her to see if she’s been skating during quarantine, we talk about how she got into skateboarding, and her crew of awesome skateboarders. We also discuss her winning the DC Shoes #dcstayposted Instagram contest, her crew winning the fan favorite award from Thrasher at the Skate Witches’ “Witch Hunt” last year, her love for movies and much more! Tune in for a good convo amongst skaters. Keep up with Trisha on Instagram @trishamendez. Keep up with us on Insta @shieldlessmag. Read about Trisha’s crew in our article “ The Hype” HERE. Hear more music from Nosnibborm 2.0 HERE.

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