Episode 18: Mike McCarley


In this episode we call up Mike McCarley of Jivaro Wheels. Mike started Jivaro out of Shrunken Head skate shop back in 2006 and has kept it small and core for the last 14 years. We talk to Mike about living in Portland Oregon for the last 20 years and how it’s changed, as well as some classic stories of Burnside skatepark shenanigans. We discuss the history of his wheel company and how it’s been affected by the pandemic. He tells us about his trip to Japan late last year, and much more. Tune in and take it easy, this is a side of skateboarding you don’t hear about very often, everyone has a board company nowadays but how many people do you know with their own wheel company? Check out Jivaro @jivarowheels on instagram and at jivarowheels.com. Keep up with us on insta @shieldlessmag. Find more music from SIXES HERE.

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