Episode 12: Steven “Lefty” Breeding


In this episode of Quarantine Call With Shieldless Mag, Reuben and Nick have childhood friend Lefty on the line. We check in with Stevie and see how quarantine is affecting his routine and reminisce a bit about growing up skating together in San Diego. Then we discuss the recent DC Shoes mini doc “Lefty: Yours For The Taking,” as well as The Larb’s “Kill Skateboarding IV,” riding polarizers in laundry mats with Neil Blender, and having a signature Stevie Burrito at the local taco shop. Tune in for all this and more in episode 12. We had a bit of technical issues in this episode so we apologize for those bits but we hope you enjoy anyhow. Find more content at shieldlessmag.com. Follow us on Instagram @shieldlessmag. Keep up with Lefty on Instagram @lefthesh. See photos from the premier of Lefty’s mini doc HERE. Find more music by Nosnibborm 2.0 on Spotify HERE.

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