Eddie Van Halen’s Contribution To Skateboarding

By Reuben Barrack

With the passing of Eddie Van Halen on October 6th, arguably one of the greatest guitar players of our lifetime, I couldn’t help but reflect on how much his feelgood kickass riffs got me hyped to skate growing up and how they continue to rev me up to rip to this day. Watching an insta post in reference to Van Halen shared by Derm Collins, loyal Tum Yeto pawn and friend of the mag, encouraged me to delve deeper and compile a list of my favorite parts over the years featuring this legendary band’s jams.

The cultural influence of Eddie’s music can also be tied more tangibly to Chris Cole’s OG Fallen Troopers, inspired by EVH’s signature striped 5150 guitar. “I’m a big-time guitar nerd… I currently carry my 5150 wallet that came out during that time,” said Cole.

I guess it’s no coincidence how most of the skaters and skate-companies referenced here are mostly based in San Diego! Maybe that makes me a tad bit biased, and I’m sure there are plenty of other parts I have failed to acknowledge. All arguments and opinions aside, please enjoy these classic songs complemented by the stunt wood riders who did them justice.

RIP in peace Eddie, your memory and stoke live on!

Toy Machine’s Welcome to Hell Tour Montage:

Jereme Wray in Adio’s One Step Beyond:

Adrian Mallory in 88’s Destroy Everything Now:

Jordan Hoffart in Powell’s FUN:

Wes Kremer in Sk8Mafia’s Brain Gone:

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