Connor “Skooter” Getzlaff

By Nick Shields

In my teenage years I can recall multiple accounts of walking into Route 44 skateshop, when they were off El Cajon Boulevard, and seeing a longhaired Connor “Skooter” Getzlaff behind the counter painting a sheet of tattoo flash. This was around the point Connor had taken some time away from his tattoo apprenticeship to focus more on pursuing his skateboarding, although working in a different kind of shop his mind still paced about returning to the tattoo parlor one day. After a few years of having fun traveling with his friends, accumulating some sponsors, and playing in bands, Skooter returned to tattooing as an apprentice at Dewayne Norton’s Tower Tattoo Parlor, where he still works today five years later.

Skooter doin’ his thing, putting a rad skate parrot on Alex, who so graciously let us document her experience!

Nowadays you would be hard pressed to go to an SD skatepark without seeing atleast a few of Connor’s canvases rolling around. Having a healthy collection of Skooter tats myself, I can say it’s not just his skills with the needle that keep his clientele coming back. Skoot has always been one of the nicest and most accepting people I’ve known, he’s always stoked to meet new people, and equally as siked to do any tattoo idea thrown his way! With a strong background of american traditional style under his belt, he was taught to also be able to do a little bit of everything as to not have to turn away any business. Seekers of Connor’s art usually go to him looking for traditional ink, some cartoonish art, and very often skateboarding related pieces, which he loves. Despite his step outside of the industry, the skateboarding community has continued to support Skooter in various ways by receiving tattoos from him, going to him for board graphics, and constantly referring him to new customers. At thirty years old Connor still has a long career ahead of him and continues to enjoy life in sunny San Diego, surfing, painting, tattooing, playing in his band Space Wax, and of course skateboarding. We are proud to feature on the site such a rad individual and long time friend Connor Getzlaff.

Keep up with Connor and his art on Instagram @cgetzlaff. Follow Tower Tattoo Parlor while you’re at it @towertattooparlor. Also find music from Skooter’s band Space Wax on Bandcamp HERE.

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