Borrowed Time Farms Recap

Borrowed Time Farms is a property out in Fallbrook ran by San Diego skateboarders Alex Clark and Shadoe Sipes. The farm is home to some plentiful avocado and lemon trees as well as an epic mini ramp on steroids. Although the ramp has provided many fun sessions on the farm it is being relocated to make room for the property’s latest renovation. Something a little more concrete will be coming to Borrowed Time Farms in the near future. Stay tuned to find out what’s in store! To celebrate the ramp’s relocation, Alex hosted a two day ramp jam and invited guests to come campout and shred for some free product and cash prizes. Local companies including Shieldless, Slappy’s Garage, House of Vista, Sixes & Sevens, Overcast, and more donated product to giveaway at the event. We were stoked to round up some photos from our friends Mike Goodman and Eduardo Sanchez who documented some of the ripping on the second day. Enjoy and we’ll see ya at the next one!

Photos By @mike_g_photo:

Photos By @eduartoe:

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