Holding It Down With Annabelle Burruss

Anyone who’s had the pleasure of catching a skate session with Annabelle Burruss will tell you that her energy and hype levels are truly infectious. She is always encouraging anyone around her to get their trick and is first to exclaim “I got your back!” when they land it. She will battle a trick with tireless dedication and a smile on her face. You can tell that Annabelle puts that same mentality to work in her art. Her realism drawings take meticulous focus and persistence. This attention to detail shines through in a painting she did on a skateboard deck of her friend Trisha Mendez skating the Balboa Park fountain, the details are so hyper-realistic it’s often confused for a photo at first sight. We hope to see a lot more artwork from Burruss in the future as well as a whole lot more skateboarding. At just twenty-four years old and with a fresh new board sponsor, Annabelle’s got a bright future ahead of her.

The artwork and it’s subject.
Fruit Bike
Mother of Pearls
Grace Under Pressure
Touchy Subject
Benny and the Jets
Sista Sista
Annabelle caught a skate break just long enough to snap this portrait.
Photo: Goodman
Just learning slappy crooks like it’s nothing!
Photo: Goodman
Locked into a solid 5-0 for good measure!
Photo: Goodman

For commissions and other inquiries contact Annabelle Burrus by email at: [email protected]

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