Shieldless Mag is dedicated to skateboarders who push beyond the confines of just riding a skateboard. We as skateboarders are an obsessive bunch, we don’t delve half-assedly into anything, we immerse ourselves in it. When we want to do something new we learn all that we can about it, how fast to push towards it and where to plant our feet. We persevere through the bails, slams, ride-ups, and the doubting fears of attempting something we’ve never done before.  Skaters are the definition of multidimensional, we’re not just reckless vandals and Olympic athletes. Skateboarders are artists, teachers, musicians, business owners, scholars, entrepreneurs, & the list goes on. We here at Shieldless Mag have set out to display the skateboarder off the board, be it elite professional, hometown hero, family man, or the never-heard-ofs. We celebrate those who pop their shields off to go faster and be louder; we celebrate Skaters Doing Things.

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